The Soap Company was started years ago as a hobby. Soap was made and soap was given away. But, frankly, what happened next caught us by surprise. Nearly everyone came back and wanted more soap! So, as the requests kept piling in, more and more soap was made. Passion took over process and creativity was born into every bar. We tested and created and have never looked back! We can’t. We are so wonderfully busy meeting and exceeding the needs and wants of our customers.  

We are thankful for the loyalty and support of our friends and customers – every day. It’s why we exist! 

And, yes, we really do believe that great things can come in small packages, and we wholeheartedly try to bring that to you in each and every bar. We are particular what goes into our soaps, and we will not, no way, ever skimp out on ingredients! That’s what keeps you coming back! And, we hope you do! Drop us a line and let us know how we are doing. Many, many thanks to all!




owner & creator

The Soap Company