Good skin care starts in the shower, with the right bar of soap. The right soap will clean, moisturize and condition your skin. Read on….

We care about every ingredient that goes into making our soaps. We use a combination of food-grade oils that are balanced – they clean, moisturize and condition. We pair them with plant-based oils, herbs, natural clays, minerals, sea salts, and botanicals. The result is amazing! (Our promise to our customers is that we will not skimp on ingredients. And we do not use cheap filler oils, tallow or lard.)  Our soaps are fragrant, skin-loving moisturizing, big lather and NEVER drying.

Our soaps provide an experience that is aromatic. Whether you are wanting a walk in the woods, a moment on the beach, something fresh and uplifting, or something to calm and relax, our soaps will come through! They range from minty fresh, citrus bright, earthy and grounding, to sweet and yummy!

We use the time honored traditional cold process method which means that our soaps take about 2 months to make, per bar. That amount of time allows each bar to harden properly so it lasts longer. You will find that the scent of the bar stays until the last little piece is left! Our customers will add, our soaps make really great foamy lather. Use them for shaving. They’re amazing!

Our customers rave about our soaps! (our reviews tell it all....take time to read what our customers share)  And our soaps weigh a generous 5 oz., which is 25% larger than the industry standard 4 ounce bar.

Our products naturally cleanse, condition and hydrate the skin and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any medical condition.

We really appreciate all of our customers, new and old! Thanks for exploring great skin health with us. Let us know how we can help!