We feel so very blessed to have such amazing customers! Your support and loyalty humbles us. Know that we are here for you, and that every product produced is made with love and gratitude! Thank you all!

Please read what our customers have so kindly shared....(they rock!)

I bought a soap block and a charcoal soap from you this past weekend at the watermelon festival in plains. I just wanted to send you a quick email and tell you that we love the soaps. My daughter has already noticed a difference in her face now that she is using the charcoal soap. Thank you so much and I’m sure I will be ordering more online.
Happy in Texas!

Thank you so much! We LOVE both the soaps and the lotion. I could tell within days of using the charcoal soap that it cleared up my skin. I love the tea tree lotion. It's light and non greasy. My son says his hands are so soft after using the o'honey. 
Thank you! 
Kara, Texas

I got a charcoal bar from you at the festival in Big Springs. You wanted me to let you know how it worked. Plus the lavender one for eczema. They both are working wonders. The charcoal bar has about 90 percent of my acne on my face cleared up. Just have a few scars. The lavender bar is helping with the boys and the husbands eczema. Thank you so so much. When we run out we will be buying more!

Sherry, Texas

Thank you. I found this soap at the Allied Arts show in Richland WA in July. Just loved it. Had to have more!

Ann, Washington

I am a 50 plus year old woman who has been going thru the wonderful years of pre menopause. My hair, skin and nails are not the youthful texture of my younger years. I was searching for a natural soap that left my skin clean but moisturized. I found it with this soap. It has the calming scent but the oils used in it must be something special because my skin has never felt more nourished. I have even gone so far as to use it on my face in place of my expensive facial cleanser. This is a must for anybody but especially if your skin is dry.

Happy Skin at 52…

We really enjoyed the products we purchased from the Pasco Farmers Market.

Susan, Washington

Wow such quick service!  4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Debbie, Pennsylvania

Love, love, love the lotion! 

Wanda, Washington

The amazing thing about this soap is I am not using much lotion any more! You told me that, and it is true!

Ann, Washington

The package arrived today…that is incredibly fast.  She is very happy. You Rock!

Karen, Washington


I want to send a Thank You to your company. I am not one that likes soaps. Especially ones that are "made". I have always felt it to be a nice little hobby for a stay at home mom or a retiree. But I have to let you know your product changed my whole perception! I am originally from the Tri-Cities and now live over in the Tacoma area. For the last two years I have come home to support the Glitz and Glam Event. This year when sitting at our table I notice we had soaps as our take away gift. I sat in front of a lemongrass patchouli. I couldn't get over the smell. It was awesome! Not perfume like the "other kind of soaps" are. I'm am essential oil user and it just reminded me of the pureness of the oils. So needless to say I have had this soap sitting in my bathroom just lingering like others that you get from hotel room visits...and one day I just did it! I opened it and stuck it in my shower. It is now my most favorite soap!!! I had to have more! So I tried to buy every single smell you have because just as I received this as a gift I will now be giving these as a gift for friends and families Christmas Baskets! I cannot wait to get these as I have a FB page called Melly Kay's Favorite Things and I am going to do a little post on these soaps to help promote them!  

Thank you for such an awesome product and definitely look forward to more orders from me in the future! 

Melissa, Seattle, Washington


Your soap is amazing! I just finished the Fresh Lemon Lavender bar, and it was lovely!

Hannah, Washington

I adore your soaps!  My daughter loved them and wanted to know other ones you had as well. We will definitely be buying more. Thank you very much for being willing to donate the soap pieces to send in care packages for our troops.

Marie, Washington

I absolutely love this soap! It smells fresh, clean, and real...I LOVE the way it makes my skin super soft and healthy. I've not been a bar soap fan until now. Thank you! J

Esther, Washington

I just love these soaps!! Have given them as a gift.

Dottie, Washington

What a treat for your skin and your senses! I love the wonderful scent of these soaps. I also love how it makes my skin feel. The bonus is that it does not get brittle, crack and end up in the drain when it gets small (like other soaps) -- you get to savor every last bit. That's a testament to the amount of moisture in this soap. All natural products are good for you and the environment. Keep up the good work, The Soap Co., you're healing skin across the globe and making the world a softer, sweeter smelling place.

Maureen, Wisconsin

I recently received three of their soaps. I love everything about them. The shipping was very fast...and did I mention that these soaps smell AMAZING!?

Jamie, Indiana

Living in high desert country we are always battling extremely dry skin. This soap's moisturizing abilities has cut our need for lotions drastically! We have been using it for over 6 months and it has done wonders for our skin.

Sue, Washington

I absolutely love this bar. I have finally found a soap that clears my face up and keeps it nice and soft. I will never use anything else on my face again!

Sherry, Texas